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Here at 4U2NJoi Productions, creative artistry is our pleasure. We thrive on creating custom works of art that stir an emotion in our clients. We are here to help our clients decorate their homes and offices or even to gift to a friend and best of all we are open to your input in our creative process.

When you contact us to purchase a customized piece we will ask for your favorite color schemes as well as your thoughts on style and content.

For example, maybe you like warm colors like reds and oranges and you like African landscapes or perhaps you prefer a cool palette of blues and greys and desire a snowy mountain landscape.

Below are some of our base pricing standards by canvas size. Custom canvas sizes not listed below are available upon request.  Please keep in mind that final pricing is based on the amount of time and detail requested in the piece. An estimated price will be given at the time of consultation.

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Base Pricing (By Canvas Size)

Please keep in mind that final prices are determined by time & detail of the piece. base price considers only material and a basic time & detail assumption.

Customized poetry for special events or just because ...

Want to do something unique? Let us make your gift a one of a kind

Check out this customized poem created specifically for Kevin & Renee's wedding and published expressly with their consent of course.  

Title:  I See Some God In You

Hurt and bruised, weathered and worn

Weary and fresh out of the eye of the storm

You came along an helped me to my feet

Dusted off my tattered garments

And as meat fastens to the bone

Your words fastened to my soul

In your eyes I saw true love

In your tone I heard compassion

Like a master carpenter

You sought out not your own

But the Great Architect's blue print

And piece by piece you rebuilt my heart

After some of our long night conversations

I'd think to myself there's just something about him

Something that I can't quite place

And then it hit me; I see the Lord in your face

When I think of you and your many attributes

The Lord reveals some of life's simple truths

You are always so very patient and kind

Never rude or self-seeking, your love is ever true

I just need you to know, I see some God in you

You're gentle and caring, Kevin you are my rock

The country boy key to this city girl's lock

You came along and it was not by chance

You saved my life husband, so now let us dance

To our wedding song, to our freedom and to our love

Praising Him for the blessings that flow from above

Knowing in our hearts that love conquers all opposition

And trusting that all things are possible

Through the power of God's love and our submission

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Send us a few things you'd like to share in your custom poem and we will write it for you. Great for Valentine's Day, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. 

Make it personal.  Make it special. Make it one of a kind. 

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