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Feeling stuck in your career? Want to make more money?

Not matter if you are currently looking for work, thinking about a career change or going for a promotion at your current company. Great personal branding, an up to date, quality, resume and an unforgettable interview will separate you from the competition. Don't let any of these things stop you from being the number one candidate.

Personal branding is the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about who you are as a professional.  Your personal brand should be evident in both your resume design and your interview style. Let people know who you are and if your not sure we can help you figure it out. Everyone has unique qualities and traits that set them apart. what are yours?

Your resume is the first impression a potential employer has of you. It is one of the most crucial pieces of the job search process.  Your resume  has to market your strengths and match for the job.  You resume is your introduction to your potential boss before they ever meet you.  What will your resume say about you?

The Job interview provides you with an opportunity verbalize how your skills align with the company's needs and exposes you to the work environment so that you can decide if the job is right for you. Let us coach you and give you techniques that will make your interview memorable.

4U2NJOI Productions can help you create your personal brand and land the dream job you have been waiting for! 


Resume Design, Interview Techniques, Personal Brand Management.


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Get that job you have been waiting for and realize your true earning potential. Don't let a dated resume or interview nerves keep you out of the game. We can help you develop your personal brand and design a resume that will get you the interview and the job.   

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Why Personal Branding is Imperative in Today's Job Market?


Having a personal brand identity allows a professional to show the world what he or she is about as an individual employee.

By building a personal brand it can show the skills and qualities that someone has, defining what makes them important or different. In a competitive world, it is very important that individuals are able to find an edge on their competition.

Now, more employees have the opportunity to build their own unique brand thanks to social media and the efforts of companies who realize how important it is to their business.

Yet, as a professional employee, you may be against developing your brand identity, unsure of why you should have one, or even where to start.

Personal branding gives you all the control and power. If a person is well-connected and trusted by customers, peers, and co-workers they are more likely to be respected by their employer.

Employees can create impressive social media profiles to showcase their ability, connections, and interest.

You can achieve professional autonomy by creating a brand that proves your value and worth as an expert. A strong professional can be part of a strong team to make a strong company.


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Who are you? Let us help you introduce yourself to the world.


"An influential and creative business trendsetter. I offer the motivational fortitude and financial expertise to drive bottom line results. I innovate business and inspire frontline employees to reach peak performance. My upbeat and outgoing personality has contributed to defining my management style. I bring out the all-star qualities in everyone and instill a sense of pride and excitement for making their company best in class."