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Creative Inspirations

"Journey to Motherhood"


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"Journey to Motherhood" is a painting inspired by Dionis Joi's journey to becoming a mother.  There were so many ups and downs before it actually happened. Disappointment, hurt and pain. Moments when she questioned herself as a woman but waiting at the end of this journey was the happiest moment of her life. 


"Tiger Eyes"


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"Tiger Eyes" is a vibrant rendering of a Malayan Tiger. Those big bright eyes staring deep into your soul. Capturing the strength and majesty of one of the most regal cats in the world.


"Kitty Watch"


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"Kitty Watch" depicts a sweet little black kitty curiously peeping through a garden of blue forget-me-nots. 

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"Which Way Do We Go"


"Which way do we go" is a fun painting of a few seagulls hanging out at the beach trying to figure out which direction the day is going to take them.

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"Angels Making Waves"


"Angels making waves" is a colorful depiction of two angels riding the deep blue, sniffing out the corals and living the vida loca!

Sale Price: $65

"Le Plume"


"Le Plume" is an original rendering of a colorful peacock. The peacock is one of the worlds most majestic birds. Their vibrant colors mesmerize you. Sequin accents add to the metallic look of this bids marvel.

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"Midnight Mermaid"


"Midnight Mermaid" is a playful piece. A teenage mermaid coming up to the shallows. The moonlight illuminating her silhouette.

Sale Price: $35


"Rainbow Breeze"


"Rainbow Breeze" is a joyous piece, full of vibrant colors . It depicts a beautiful summer day, the breeze blowing in the colors of life, representing every emotion. Love, Joy, Peace, Hurt, Fear & Jealousy. All emotions good and not so good are a necessary part of life.

Sale Price: $60


"Here's Nemo"


"Here's Nemo" well we have been looking for Nemo for a very long time and now we have found him.  This painting depicts a beautiful clown fish swimming amongst the neutral reef.

Sale Price: $120

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Fuel your transformation with food for the soul ...

"My Cat Markie"


My Cat Markie is a story of a friendship between a 7 year old girl and her new pet Cat. During the course of the story the main character Kiki learns what it means to love and care for her pet unconditionally.  This story will warm your heart and make you remember the bond you shared with your first pet.        

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"Resurgence of the Soul"


A Collection of Poems Words that make you cry and laugh. Words that take you high; then bring you back down into a place where you are reminiscent of the things that used to be. That intimate place; where love lives and heartache festers, where time seems to stand still. Someplace far, far away yet to close for comfort, that place in some way we all wish we could be. That place of awareness, that place of contentment, that place of celebration, that place of refreshment and renewal. Her words will poetically lead you on an emotional journey to that place. That place of resurgence.

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At we create a unique experience for our clients. Our Paintings, Poetry and other creative expressions are all available during your transformational journey. 

We enjoy it most when our clients can connect to a creative piece. Whether it's a poem, they emotionally connect to, that assists them in their personal and professional break through or an original painting from our gallery that just speaks to them.  

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial and creative goals and more importantly ensuring that they have an opportunity to live their best lives.  

Poetry Previews

Experience the magic that poetry brings … Listen to a few of the poems you will get in the book, "Resurgence of the Soul"  Email us or post to our blog about the poems you listen too. We'd love to hear your thoughts. We are available for spoken word events and we write customized poetry for weddings, anniversaries and other milestone events.  Check out our customize page or contact us for more information at 718 825 2885.

More to come from the Author in 2020


Gizmo the Circus Dog

Gizmo the circus dog is the story of a little girl learning how to be patient and train her dog. She teaches the dog to do tricks and realizes she has a very special talent to entertain.

Beauty & the Budget

Beauty and the budget is a how to guide on how to look good while saving money.  From hair and nail care to a day at the spa.  Caring for yourself doesn't have to break the bank.

Hodge Podge

Hodge Podge is a collection of poetry


Jaded is an action romance novel about a young girl that falls in love with a man that is no good for her, She struggles to get out of the relationship but some people take their vows death 'til us part very seriously.

Mommy's on Monday, Daddy's on Sunday

A children's book that examines the life of a young girl split by divorce and having to choose between her parents.

How God Got Back in School

A children's book about a young girl and how one innocent question stirs a movement in her school and raises the question about the separation of church and state. 

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Spoken Word

Having a ladies night or birthday party? Add a little flavor to your event, book a spoken word artist. Let the poetry flow enhance the atmosphere. Want to add hint of romance to your wedding or anniversary ceremony book a spoken work artist. See our customized page for more ideas on how to inject poetry into your milestone events.


Paint & Sips

4U2NJOI Productions, Inc. hosts paint and sips every first Saturday of the month at our New Jersey location. See our home page for event details. Wine and materials are included. There are no mistakes in art so just relax and be one with your palette.. RSVP with us today!  

Call us at 718 825 2885.


Private Paint Lessons

Have you always wanted to paint? Come nurture your talents with us. Here at 4U2NJOI Productions, Inc we will help you to identify your strengths and build your skills in areas where you would like to get better. Water colors, acrylics or oils.  Sign up for a lesson today!!  Individual classes are $85 per session, group lessons are $40 per session.  Special Packages available also contact us for more information. at 718 825 2885.

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